Hollywood legend Doris Day discovers she's actually two years older than she thought


Mystery solved!

Doris Day's age has been questioned ever since it was speculated that it was wrongly recorded at an audition in her early days in Hollywood -- and now both the actress and the public have the answer.

The Associated Press did some digging and found out that Doris Mary Kappelhoff, her real name, was born on April 3, 1922 not 1924. However, the bombshell mistake doesn't faze Day, who said she "doesn't pay much attention" to her age.

"I have never paid much attention to birthdays, but it's great to finally know how old I really am," she said in a statement.

Her spokesman added: "There has long been speculation and rumors about Doris' age and we get this question a lot, looks like we finally have the answer."

It turns out the "Pillow Talk" star often joked with close pal Betty White about being two years younger when in actuality their birthdays are just a few months apart.

"Now we know that they are actually just a couple months apart, and turns out it's an even bigger exciting landmark than we thought," her spokesman said.

Doris began her career in Cincinnati as a dancer, but a tragic car accident injured her legs and left her unable to perform. She then discovered her knack for singing and slowly gained notoriety after a few local singing gigs. She released her first hit recording, "Sentimental Journey," in 1945.

Day scored her first big acting role in 1984 for "Romance on the High Seas," but it wasn't until 1955 until she really became a household name. Her role as singer Ruth Etting in "Love Me or Leave Me" was what she would later write in her autobiography as her biggest film performance.

Her autobiography, which detailed her first three marriages, was published in 1975. She later remarried for the fourth time, but the relationship only lasted four years. Since her retirement from films, she's devoted her efforts to animal welfare activism.

Happy Birthday Doris!

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