Sarah Jessica Parker shows alternate opening 'Sex and the City' sequence

Sarah Jessica Parker definitely knows how to get the internet's attention! The star posted a never-before-seen video on Instagram Friday that got all of her "Sex and the City" fans buzzing: An alternate opening to the iconic show!

"Lost footage," she captioned the video. "The alternate and never used title sequence from 'SATC.' A really nice memory."

The clip is similar to the classic sequence, but with a few key differences. Watch and see if you spot them:

Did you catch 'em? First of all, Carrie is wearing a lavender outfit instead of a pink tank top and white tutu, but even beyond that, the whole scene is actually totally different. Instead of getting splashed with muddy water, she trips over her own shoes and then does a little twirl once she notices her bus advertisement.

Take a look at the actual opening sequence. Which one do you prefer?

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