Here's what text convos between the 'Big Little Lies' characters would look like

Oh, what we'd give to drop in on Madeline Martha Mackenzie's texts.

The "Big Little Lies" cattiness culminates with the April 2 season finale on HBO, but the drama isn't just on TV: Messaging app Peanut took the ladies to a much smaller screen -- their iPhones!

Peanut, a "matchmaker" for mothers, is like Tinder for mama friendships. Women create a profile based on their own interests and can start conversations with other nearby moms. From there, they can chat one-on-one, group message, and organize events. So of course, we needed to see how the "Big Little Lies" women would use it!

Take a look at Madeline's profile. Can't deny that she loves her wine time and is a total mom boss:

From there, she can hit up other moms for sweet convos... that may or may not reflect how they really feel about each other! Scroll through to see how it works: