The cast of 'Going In Style' shares some laughs at BUILD Series


Legendary actors Alan Arkin, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and legendary actress Ann-Margret graced the stage recently at AOL's BUILD Series to promote their latest comedy movie 'Going In Style'.

The movie is a remake of the 1979 version of the same name. In this iteration of 'Going In Style', three retirees Albert, Willie, and Joe played by Arkin, Freeman, and Caine respectively, find out their pensions aren't going to be honored anymore. After being inspired by a bank robbery, the trio set out on a heist to get back the money they are owed.

During the interview, the quartet gushed and bantered about the film, explained what it was like working with each other on set and shared some personal insights into what comedy is as a genre.

The cast briefly in succession said a few words on what you can expect from the film.

"It's called 'Going In Style'", announced Caine.

"It stars me and a couple of other guys...with Ann-Margret", dryly stated Freeman.

"It stars some really funny old people but they're funny so you'll be able to go see it if you're not old", told Caine.

"They're not really funny either. They're sort of pathetic. There's a touching side. Two of us have grandchildren that we love and one of us is just a hopeless curmudgeon", added Freeman to which Caine gestures his thumb towards Arkin.

"I'm not going to call Alan's name (shakes head no)" said Freeman.

"The one that's weird", said Margret.

"Say whatever you want, I'm not listening", playfully touted Arkin.

"And it's about friendship", calmly stated Margret.

"It's everything you hoped to see except sex and violence", seriously stated Arkin.

"He [Freeman's character] gets laid and I get slung in a pool of cold water, countered Caine.

"Everyday this went on (points to her three male co-stars). Do you know how much fun it is to be the only girl with all these boys?", raved Margret about the banter during the interview plus the laugh riots they had on and off set during production of the film.

When it comes to the actual production, the cast really enjoyed working with each other.

"Everyone wanted to have fun on set. It was joyous! A joyous experience but there were no pratfalls. We took our work really seriously!", explained Arkin.

"There were no divas", interjected Margret, who plays Albert's love interest Annie.

"The point is it was very hard work making it look like coming across [as serious]. Comedy is harder to do than drama. You can make anyone burst into tears but trying to get a laugh is murder.", said Caine.

"We're not comedians. That's what he's [Caine] trying to tell you. So being funny is not in our forte.", interrupted Freeman.

Freeman thought comedy was easy to do in the event you have funny material to work with. Judging by the trailer for the film, you will likely think the quartet and their fellow castmates are funny in the movie due to the material they received in their script, the direction/vision of comedy actor Zach Braff, and or simply by their sheer individual acting ability.

"We're playing real people who you think are funny not people who think they are funny. If you play a person who thinks he's funny, he's not funny. You see time and time again where people screw up like that playing comedy. You got to play a real person. If you think in terms of what's funny, [for example] a fat man walking along the street [and] he trips on a banana skin, and you think that's funny. [Well], he doesn't because he hurt himself when he hit the pavement.", added Caine.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the viewer's perception of what's funny.

Go see 'Going In Style' in theaters starting April 7th and comment below what you thought was funny about the film.