Jack Cassidy returns to 'The Voice' stage in Monday's episode -- watch a sneak peek

He shocked Alicia Keys and Adam Levine during the blind audition, but can Jack Cassidy keep up the momentum?

This week's episode of "The Voice" shows Cassidy battling Hunter Plake in a dual rendition of "Dancing On My Own," and both singers were on their A-game. At the end of their performance, a stunned Gwen Stefani turned to Keys and mouthed, "So good."

"Jack, you know I wanted you on my team," Levine said. "You broke my heart ... You're a fantastic singer, man."

That said, all the judges also had glowing remarks for Plake: "The first note you sang, I was completely drawn in. The entire time, I thought to myself, wow, this guy is the real deal ... Hunter took this for me, hands-down."

Ultimately, the decision comes down to Keys, as both men are members of Team Alicia. Watch the moving performance:

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