Faith Hill & Tim McGraw preach respect toward women with new song 'Speak to a Girl'

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are preaching some R-E-S-P-E-C-T towards women with their new song "Speak to a Girl," delivering lessons on how to treat females right.

The husband-wife duo take turns trading verses on the first taste of their debut collaborative album, with Hill offering a female's perspective first and then McGraw echoing from the man's side. As parents of three teenage daughters, it's easy to imagine this song going out to their children's friends and suitors now and in the future.

After each of them dispense some wisdom about how it's more about how you treat a girl than it is about what you say or give to her, the passionate chorus comes in: "That's how you talk to a women/ That's how you speak to a girl/ That's how you get with a lady who's worth more than anything in your whole world/ You'd better respect your mama/ Respect the hell out of her/ Because that's how you talk to a woman and that's how to speak to a girl."

See photos of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill together:

Hill and McGraw announced their new album earlier this week. And while it doesn't yet have a name attached, it's likely fans will be hearing more music before too long as the couple kick off their upcoming Soul2Soul World Tour on April 7 New Orleans.

"Speak to a Girl" will receive a television world premiere with a performance at the 52nd Academy of Country Music Awards on April 2.

Listen to the song here: