Sia goes wig-less and shows her face while traveling to Dubai


The question "Will Sia ever show her face again" was officially answered: The Australian singer decided to go wig-less while on her way to Dubai on Wednesday (March 22).

Sia opted for a fresh-faced look sans her wig as she trekked through LAX, clearly going for a much more laid-back style than her typical garb as she sported beige Kenzo sweatpants and a matching cropped sweatshirt. Considering she had a 15-hour flight ahead of her, apparently even the identity-hiding queen didn't want to bother with her famous face-concealing hairstyle.

Before Sia performs at the Dubai World Cup horse race on March 25, the "Cheap Thrills" singer teased an appearance on Sesame Street (a re-run from 2016), which also revealed more of her face than her wigs allow. In lieu of the hair, she used a red clown nose that still left a little mystery.

As for Sia's Dubai performance, who knows whether she'll decide to use her famed black-and-blonde wig or will finally sing with her face exposed. Even if Sia goes back to her secretive look, it's seems she's not quite so concerned about fans seeing her face anymore -- at least not when a 15-hour flight is involved.

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