Jimmy Fallon airs college student's awesome 'Tonight Show' internship application -- and gives him an answer

Every year, thousands of college students submit their cover letters and resumes in hopes of landing a coveted internship at "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." Jake Sirianni just took things up a notch.

In addition to his standard application, the Washington State University undergrad created a video that completely wowed Jimmy and his team. In fact, Jimmy was so impressed that he aired a clip on Wednesday's episode -- and then gave Jake an official answer.

"He took footage from our show of Daniel Radcliffe rapping, somehow edited Daniel out and inserted himself into it and changed all the lyrics to show why he'd be a great intern," Jimmy explained, clearly impressed. "That is amazing."

And then, the moment of truth: "Jake, if you're watching, and you better be watching," Jimmy said, as a drumroll began, "the answer is yes. Pack your bags, buddy! I'll see you this summer! I can't wait to meet you, man, get ready to work!"

Congrats, Jake! Watch the awesome moment in the video above.

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