Watch Ivanka Trump as a commentator for the 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant -- it's awkward


Ivanka Trump has been practicing her public speaking skills ever since she was a teen. The first daughter, who now spends her days walking the halls of the White House, wasn't always as poised and put together as she is now -- in fact, once upon a time she was just an awkward teen trying to be a commentator at a beauty pageant.

Ivanka's dad Donald Trump was the longtime owner of the Miss USA pageant, so when it came to choosing a host to commentate the famous beauty show, he turned to his then teen-daughter to tackle the job.

Ivanka played co-host during the Miss Teen USA 199 pageant in Florida.

The precocious teen hadn't quite gotten camera-comfortable yet, and the result was a slightly over-acted performance where she pursed her lips a lot, smiled uncontrollably and tripped up her words. At the time she was testing her skills as a runway model, so it's not a total surprise that she was working on facial expressions.

Check out the funny performance below around the 1:13 marker, around the 6-minute marker and more.

How do you think Ivanka did? She sure has come a long way from teenage Miss USA host to entrepreneur and first daughter, right?

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