Ed Sheeran has a 2-year-old look-alike and it's really freaky

Ed Sheeran, this baby is in the "Shape of You" and it's freaking everyone out!

A photo is going around of an adorable baby girl who also happens to look exactly like the ÷ singer.

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That is England resident Zoe Walton's 2-year-old daughter, Isla, though many on the internet have jokingly speculated that the twinning tyke must be Sheeran's long-lost daughter.

Anything is possible, and all we really need is for Sheeran to respond and/or go on Maury for us.

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Either way, they're both a couple of cuties!

Meanwhile, Sheeran recently opened up to ET about his weight loss regimen.

Watch the video above for more.

See photos of Ed Sheeran for comparison: