'Today' show hosts reveal epic throwback snaps from high school dances

Oh to be young again!

With prom season around the corner, the "Today" show cast got nostalgic on Tuesday morning with some throwback snaps from their proms.

Matt Lauer, 59, looked handsome in a white tuxedo with a powder blue button-down shirt underneath. He sported an oversized white bow tie that fellow co-host Carson Daly couldn't help but make fun of: "The bow tie, was that your napkin at dinner?"

Looking back, Lauer revealed his outfit choice, which totally screamed the '80s, was a total "mistake." We couldn't agree more ...

Savannah Guthrie revealed to viewers that she actually didn't go to prom because no one invited her. Instead, she shared a picture of herself wearing a pink ballgown to a ninth grade dance. The 45-year-old mother-of-two looks nearly unrecognizable in the flashback snapshot.

The brunette beauty wished that her high school had a "prom draw" back then, where students are randomly assigned dates so no one got left out: "Once you're there it's not like you're locked to that person, you can mix and mingle but I like that it involves everyone."

Like Guthrie, Daly also didn't go to prom, but didn't like her idea of students being "forced" together.

Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer also got in on the action -- the 35-year-old blonde beauty wore a long white sleeveless dress on prom night. Dreyer looks like she hasn't changed much in the looks department since the big event, and Daly made sure to point it out.

"Look at Dylan, like this was yesterday or something," Daly hilariously quipped.

Watch the complete "Today" segment to see the fun throwback pics in the video above!

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