Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker had brunch and it was fabulous

Today in people living their best lives, Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker, had brunch without me. They were joined by Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts and CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King at NYC eatery The Breslin, per a Page Six tipster.

That sounds like a fun foursome, but seriously ladies, what gives? Did my invitation get lost in the mail? This is just like when they posed with Kerry Washingtonon the cover of this very magazine. Who wouldn't want to be a member of this squad of accomplished, intelligent women?

According to the report, they drank Champagne and Bloody Marys with their food, and they were surrounded by secret service; no one could hear what they were talking about. Our guesses? Feminism, the wage gap, paid family leave, birth control, structured bags, bias in the media, being an entrepreneur, being fabulous, being a working mom, education, statement earrings, Nicki versus Remy, the new Drake album, healthcare, LaCroix. Page Six's source said that it was Parker who organized the meal. Maybe she's hoping Malia will intern on Divorce? She did have a stint behind the scenes at Girls a couple years ago, after all.

We know you're already doing this in your head, so let's just get it into the open:

Sarah Jessica Parker: the Carrie

Michelle Obama: the Miranda

Gayle King: the Charlotte

Robin Roberts: the Samantha