EXCLUSIVE: George Clooney's 87-year-old superfan reacts to actor's surprise nursing home visit

Best. Birthday. Ever.

Pat Adams got the surprise of a lifetime on Sunday, when George Clooney walked into her Sunrise of Sonning Retirement and Assisted Living Facility to wish her a Happy 87th Birthday.

Employee Linda Jones never expected to answer the door of the nursing home for an Oscar winner.

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"I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw George walking across the car park," Jones told ET. "Just one guy came with him, very low key. Just rang the bell and I answered and just asked if George could come in and visit Pat...[He was] absolutely gorgeous! Absolutely lovely, very good looking!"

Clooney came equipped with a bouquet and a signed card for the birthday girl.

Sunrise UK

"Well, I just thought, 'Ooo, is it really George Clooney?' And anyway it was. And he is a charming man, just a very nice man," Adams told ET. "He's a lovely man and he does a lot of good. I've such a hectic day. It's all been wonderful, believe you me!"

The 87-year-old had been asking to meet her idol for a while and her dream came true, thanks to the home's Wish Upon a Star initiative. Even though the actor and humanitarian clearly received the letter, no one knew he'd be stopping by.

"We had no idea he was coming in that day," Jones said. "I knew Sunrise had written to George Clooney several times on behalf of Pat because it had been her lifelong ambition to meet him. So we were always hoping every day he would pop in, especially Pat, and then he surprised us all."

Clooney and his wife, Amal, have a home in local Sonning, but he is "by far" the biggest name to walk through the facility's doors. He visited with Adams for about 15 minutes.

"Well, he shook me by the hand and said, 'Did I like it here?' and I said, 'Oh yes, I love it. I'm very happy. Everybody's very nice.' You know, he's just very, very nice," Adams told ET.

Sunrise UK

Adams also heard the exciting news that the actor is about to become a first-time father of twins.

"I think he'll make a very good father. And I wish him joy. And I just hope it all goes well for him because he's such a nice man," she said.

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As for what could top this year's birthday surprise, Adams still has high hopes.

"I don't think it's going to be quite as exciting as this," she admitted. "But I still love it here and I've got friends here, so all in all it will be very nice again. Who knows, he might come in again, you never can tell!"

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