Richard Simmons' manager speaks out on his behalf: What 'he's not asking for'

Richard Simmons' manager Michael Catalano is speaking out on behalf of the reclusive fitness guru.

Catalano discussed Dan Taberski's hit podcast, "Missing Richard Simmons," with People over the weekend and stood behind his claims that the reasoning behind Simmons' sudden disappearance from the public is simply that he wants to "quiet down." In other words, he's not asking for the attention he's getting.

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"Dan said to me, people just want to have a chance to thank him and congratulate him and let him sort of have a final send-off," Catalano explained. "But he doesn't require that! You can't force it on someone. He's not asking for a curtain call."

Simmons' desire for privacy comes after decades of soaking up the spotlight. The high-energy star "was nonstop," said Catalano, who has worked for the star for nearly 30 years, noting that he "loved" the constant self-promotion.

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The controversial podcast "Missing Richard Simmons" has speculated about the reasoning behind Simmons' sudden change of heart -- Was it the death of his dog? Is his housekeeper holding him hostage? Was it a knee injury? -- but Catalano insists that "there's no event or any real reason for him" to suddenly avoid the public.

"It's not like there was some awful thing, a death in the family, something he was having trouble coping with," he told People. "It was none of that. He's just enjoying his time."

As for a potential swan song for the fitness icon? Well, his manager was cautious, but explained that just because he's not up for the attention right now, doesn't mean that he'll never be in the future.

This "doesn't mean he's done," he said. We certainly hope not.

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