Idina Menzel falls victim to perils of ripped denim, discovers panties hanging through hole

Frozen's Idina Menzel, better known to John Travolta as Adele Dazeem, is the latest victim to have succumbed to the dangers of ripped denim.

The singer/actress was minding her own business while passing paparazzi at the airport, when — horror of horrors — she noticed a pair of lace panties peeking through a hole in her slashed-on-purpose jeans.

Menzel shared her harrowing story on Twitter on Monday afternoon, including a cringe-worthy image of the incident in which the offending navy and blue lace panties can be seen peeking out into the daylight.

For her bravery in sharing her story we would like to take this time to commend Menzel and wish her the best of luck on her recovery from the embarrassing events that have transpired on this day in 2017. And for the future, might we recommend these clear panel TopShop mom jeans which showcase the knees without the risk of panty exposure?

Finally, to all those readers out there, we offer this story as a reminder that ripped denim mishaps can happen to anyone.