Social Scene: Week of March 20

Stars are living the jet-set life this week!

Between Bella Hadid's enviable trip to Jaiamca, Nick Jonas' dreamy jaunt to Venice, Italy, Nicki Minaj's eye-popping display in London, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's family-filled time in Marrakech and Emily Ratajkowski's vacation in Mexico, stars are literally all over the map.

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Hadid put her fit physique on display for her last-minute break from work, and it looks like she's having an amazing time with a couple of her gal pals.

Teigen and Legend are definitely enjoying themselves in Morocco, sharing a ton of photos of their adorable daughter, Luna, from the colorful trip.

Elsewhere, Joe Jonas performed a major show in Florida with DNCE this week that ended with them lying on the stage out of pure exhaustion. Kate Hudson took part in pilates (one of her favorite activities), while Chris Pratt hilariously cheated on his strict diet.

Check out all of our favorite celebrity Instagrams of the week:

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