Hollywood stars react to death of Chuck Berry

Iconic rock n' roll artist Chuck Berry died Saturday at the age of 90. Adored worldwide for the past 70+ years, Berry leaves behind countless heartbroken fans in and out of the industry.

Hollywood quickly took to Twitter to mourn the legendary musician. Fellow musical icon Huey Lewis wrote, "Maybe the most important figure in all of rock and roll. His music and influence will last forever," while producer LA Reid tweeted, "What a great life in music."

See celebrities' reactions to the death of Chuck Berry:

Stars react to Chuck Berry's death
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Stars react to Chuck Berry's death
Chuck Berry was rock's greatest practitioner, guitarist, and the greatest pure rock 'n' roll writer who ever lived.
Chuck Berry merged blues & swing into the phenomenon of early rock’n’roll. In music, he cast one of the longest sha… https://t.co/Ay2WWRgHOk
RIP Chuck Berry https://t.co/9MoHHXnxD7
RIP Chuck Berry... https://t.co/Wmbg5wXRzz
RIP Chuck Berry #hailhailrocknroll #motorvatinoverthehill #coffeecolouredcadillac
Rest In Peace, Chuck Berry. You changed music. You changed everyone that listened to your music. Thank you. https://t.co/NxwfWRFD3S
Thou Shall Have No Other Rock Gods Before Him #ChuckBerry rip @ Rock & Roll Hall of Fame https://t.co/bU22p2cywb
Chuck Berry died. This breaks my heart, but 90 years old ain't bad for rock and roll. Johnny B. Goode forever.
R I P. And peace and love Chuck Berry Mr. rock 'n' roll music 😎✌️🌟💖🎵🎶☮ https://t.co/hS2S2lUORf
RIP Chuck Berry !!!! Thank you for the poetry, the passion and the potency! GO JOHNNY GO. - KU
The King is dead. RIP Chuck Berry.
RIP Chuck Berry https://t.co/cnI9xGIjfj
So sad to share the news of the exceptional Chuck Berry's passing...RIP Chuck... XX https://t.co/VaEnd3vPc3
RIP Chuck Berry. A true rock and roll legend! God gets to go to one heck of a gig tonight. 😔🎸💃🏻
Hail, Hail, the King of Rock and Roll, Chuck Berry. RIP, Mr. B. Goode. https://t.co/k7fKmgSmSt
Chuck Berry. Maybe the most important figure in all of rock and roll. His music and his influence will last forever. - Huey
Music was changed forever by Chuck Berry’s groundbreaking impact. What a great life in music. https://t.co/lKEpb6xaK7
Same 💔Thanks always CB https://t.co/XwJVW6SMWI
To the greatest rock and roll pioneer of all time RIP chuck berry. we all thank u
Hail hail Chuck Berry !
A legend is gone. Half the rock-n-roll artist today wouldn't be playing had Chuck not been there at the beginning. https://t.co/Z0VQBYFTsN

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