Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Ewen Bremner, and director Danny Boyle dish on reuniting for 'T2 Trainspotting'


Actors Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, and Ewen Bremner, as well as director Danny Boyle stopped by AOL's BUILD Series to discuss their latest movie, 'T2 Trainspotting'. This sequel reunites the original ensemble of the first 'Trainspotting' movie that released two decades ago in the summer of 1996.

McGregor reprises his role as Mark Renton a.k.a. "Rent Boy" in 'T2' and he shared his thoughts about his initial reactions when he first heard the sequel was in the works as well as his opinions after he got the first script.

He revealed that he was a little worried at first about the sequel being made:

"Like years ago, yes. I wouldn't have done it. We were so protective over it and the reputation of 'Trainspotting' and how personally what it meant to us personally, and what it has become to the public. [It has meant] everything really. It was an amazingly important film to make right from the moment I read it, from then reading the novel which was a book of a generation in Scotland. So there was no pressure (laughs) at all going into this sequel. Early on I think I was very reluctant to the idea of it and also to be honest I wasn't moved by 'Porno', the novel as I had been by 'Trainspotting', the novel. It didn't touch me nearly as deeply. So I thought if we make a movie based on that book, it's just going to be a lesser movie."

Fortunately after getting the first script, McGregor's initial thoughts flipped to generally favorable, citing it as a "blinder". McGregor credited screenwriter John Hodge for an excellent piece of work and from then on, he was committed to the production of this.

Miller who returns to play Simon Williamson a.k.a. "Sick Boy" was also fearful of a 'Trainspotting' sequel being made. He said he was "definitely worried" at first but eventually the "level of trust builds up with Danny [Boyle]".

"The one thing I know is that you just trust him and I can have absolute confidence. If you trust the person in charge, then you trust them and you trust the material. It's really the script and the script we thought was awesome. I also thought that it was only interesting and the only way in doing it is if it was '20 years later' because you then can do something interesting. You can do something odd and different and look at it and hopefully surprise people and you know you don't get to see that often. I thought it looked really well so I was sold. (laughs)", explained Miller.

Like his fellow co-stars, Bremner who returns to play Daniel Murphy a.k.a. "Spud", shared similar sentiments of initial doubts then fully siding on doing it because the original film in his and many fans' opinion was a "cultural phenomenon".

It opened up and enlightened the U.K. back in the late 90s into early 2000s. The film challenged society's norms back then to which Bremner called it "the spirit of punk", and now after knowing the '20 years later' scenario was a go-ahead for 'T2', Bremner felt it was refreshing to see "these older punk characters" enjoying the scars they received over the passing years in between the two films.

"I really appreciate that the film does acknowledge that and enjoys it and does justice to it and it's honest about it and is tender about it as well.", uttered Bremner.

Boyle revealed that he knew the cast and the fans of the first movie had high expectations of him and the prospects for 'T2'.

"Because of the love of the original, there was a lot of feeling that we better not make a mess of it.", admitted Boyle.

Interestingly enough, there was attempts to make the sequel a decade ago.

"We tried it ten years ago based on the original book 'Porno', and it hadn't been good enough, and we abandoned it. I think we knew then we weren't going to do anything that was just a kind of a rehash of the first one, that it would have to be a real principle and a belief in what we were doing that it would standalone the film in its own way.", confessed Boyle.

Fast-forward to 2017 and finally we will see Boyle's organic vision for the 'Trainspotting' follow-up come alive on the big screens!

Choose to see 'T2 Trainspotting' as it hits select theaters starting this FRIDAY 3/17/17 and eventually opens wide starting FRIDAY 3/31/17!