'Dynasty' star Linda Evans arrested for DUI back in 2014

Linda Evans, star of the hit 1980s show "Dynasty," has been able to keep her criminal past a secret -- until now.

The soap opera star, now 74, was reportedly arrested for driving under the influence as she was headed to a doctor's appointment near her Washington state home in May 2014. Recently surfaced footage, which you can watch here, shows how the whole incident went down.

A police report claimed the legendary actress' driving was "erratic, with significant lane travel within the lane, slow and varying speeds, and sudden jerking corrections."

Evans was pulled over after an off-duty officer noticed her swerving in her 1990s Jeep Cherokee.

The arresting officer made Evans, who complained of back pain at the time, do a field sobriety test: "Here's my concern, okay, I understand that you're injured, but because you've taken some medications, I want to make sure those medications aren't impairing you like alcohol."

He then moved his finger left and right in front of her face and then had her recite the alphabet. After talking to her for a couple of minutes, the officer arrested her.

"Because of your back injury, I am going to handcuff you in the front. I am going to put you in my car."

The officer then found 29 pink pills, which Evans claimed she was taking for her back pain. Later on, she admitted that she took seven pills that morning, including Advil.

The Hollywood star was sentenced to a year of suspended jail time and was on probation until 2016.

She rose to fame for playing Audra Barkley in the Western TV series "The Big Valley" in the '60s. Most know her as Krystle Carrington, the wife of Blake Carrington, in the hit ABC show "Dynasty." Evans disappeared from the spotlight after leaving the show in 1989. Most recently, she appeared in and won the British cooking competition show "Hell's Kitchen" in 2009.

According to her bio on her personal website, she currently lives in the Pacific Northwest after discovering, "there was something more to life than Hollywood."