Disney opts to pull 'Beauty and the Beast' from Malaysia rather than cut supposed 'gay moment'

Hopefully the animated version is enough to hold them over.

Disney has opted to pull "Beauty and the Beast" from Malaysia rather than comply with a request to cut four minutes of footage that supposedly involves a "gay moment." Without the change, the country's Film Censorship Board would have given the movie a P13 rating, which mandates that an adult accompany any viewer under age 13.

In a succinct statement to Bloomberg News, Disney simply said, "The film has not and will not be cut for Malaysia."

According to reports, the "gay moment" involves -- spoiler alert! -- a man dancing with another man at a ball. Many had previously speculated that there would be a same-sex kiss or an overtly sexual moment, which appears not to be the case.

Many Malaysians had already purchased advance tickets online. Golden Screen Cinemas, the country's largest theater chain, said it will provide refunds to those customers.

Malaysia's government has laws against homosexuality and openly endorses gay conversation therapy.

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