The funniest 'Jeopardy!' moments of all time

What would the world be without "Jeopardy!" ...

The competition show has graced millions of Americans' TV screens for over 50 years, and we're pretty sure its end may mean the end of the world too. Unsurprisingly, the hit show has accumulated some pretty hilarious clips over the years.

Between Alex Trebek's adorable rapping and his pantless antics -- and yes, those two things actually happened -- can this guy do wrong?!

And of course we can't forget about contestant Ken Jennings, who gave one of the most hilarious answers of all time when asked about a racy gardening tool (Clue: It starts with an "h" and ends with an "oe").

There was also the time CNN journalist Wolf Blitzer came on the show and played one of the worst rounds ever -- GET. IT. TOGETHER. WOLF.

Check out the funniest "Jeopardy!" moments in the slideshow above.

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