Luke Evans reveals the secret behind Gaston's Hollywood smile

Luke Evans stopped by BUILD this week and gave us the scoop on the reinvented production of "Beauty and the Beast." Out in theaters on March 17, the film takes the classic animation and turns it into a live-action movie with performances by Emma Watson, Kevin Kline, Josh Gad and Dan Stevens. Playing Gaston, Evans reprised the character's famous scenes, but there was one instance where he was forced to alter his appearance in order to make his mouth seem a bit more attractive.

"I had to get rid of these really long canines because every time I opened my mouth to sing all you saw were these huge fangs," Evans revealed. "They gave me a Hollywood smile, a whole set of fake teeth that were super weird to talk with."

During the chat, Evans also commented on Emma Watson's interest in global affairs especially with women's rights, which Evans believes translates into her performance as Belle.

"Emma is an incredibly well read human being who has used her profile and image throughout the world to represent women's rights and equality for women," Evans said. "I'm sure she was drawn to the role of Belle because it is one of the first Disney animations where the woman saves the prince, the prince doesn't save her."

We also learned that the set for the film was made from scratch to mimic the original film and didn't rely heavily on the effects of CGI technology. From grand staircases to fields and ornaments, Shepperton Studios in England became the perfect backdrop for the fairytale.

"They built a castle with a lot of real, tangible things like the beast's lair and the room with the glass dome," Evans dished. "With these real sets we were able to increase the depth of each scene, which helped because it wasn't always about using our imagination because it was there."

Don't forget to see "Beauty and the Beast" on March 17.