Gillian Anderson open up about her battle with depression, says she didn't want to leave the house

Gillian Anderson is opening up about her battle with depression. The 48-year old actress spoke with The Guardian about her personal struggles while promoting her new female empowerment book, We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere.

She revealed that she struggled with addiction and depression from an early age and was voted Most Likely to Get Arrested in high school.

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"There were times when it was really bad," she told the newspaper. "There have been times in my life where I haven't wanted to leave the house."

Her inner turmoil followed her past her teenage years, and Anderson hinted that her addiction issues lasted much longer, though she wouldn't specifically talk about that. She also struggled with body image, but now refuses to acknowledge those insecurities.

"I will not go there. I simply will not allow it any more. Because the things that we might be critical of ourselves about actually don't matter. The only thing that really matters in terms of our peace of mind is our peace of mind itself, and how we react to things. All I know is that when I meditate, one goes beyond the physical, and it is possible to tap into a sense of absolute contentment and joy in that place. So if that's where you're starting, then actually none of this," she said, gesturing to her body, "means anything, really."

Working in an industry obsessed with image, Anderson knows that her looks matter, and has taken a laid-back, realistic approach to those concerns.

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"I mean, as I get older, I imagine the roles that I'm able to get are going to change. There will be a certain point where I'll make the decision to go grey, you know," she said. "There might be a certain point where I decide that it's silly for me to continue being blond when I'm in my 60s."

Anderson isn't the only star who has opened up about her depression. Hills alum Lo Bosworth recently got candid about her struggles. Watch the above for more.