Comedian shuts down racist audience member in the most beautiful way

A Scottish stand-up comedian has somehow found the right response to an audience member who gave an incredibly racist response to a joke.

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Janey Godley, who last year welcomed Donald Trump in Scotland with the sign "Trump is a c***," was doing a gig at the Wild Cabaret when she asked a couple in the audience,"What is the best thing about traveling through Scotland then?"

The man, from Toronto, replied: "The lack of brown people".

"I bark a laugh as obviously he's joking and the woman goes bright red," Godley wrote on Twitter. "People say s**t at a comedy club in knee jerk nerves sometimes."

She responded saying: "Ok so that's a nervous answer, funny and all but seriously you aren't racist'... (he is staring not laughing) Toronto is the most diverse city on the planet is that why you live outside Toronto? Did they throw you out Klan Boy?"

The man reportedly shrugged his shoulders, staring at her. At that point, Godley, still hoping it was just a joke, told his wife: "So when you married Hitler did you know the depths of his racism?"

But the wife replied: "Well he's never been so open about it before like this in public."

To which the comedian finally landed the smackdown:

Boom. Mic drop.

A Chinese comedian then walked on stage, leaned over and said: "Well, this is awkward eh?"

Other comedians followed, ripping him until the end of the show.

"Comedians never stop resisting this shite. Never," she concluded.

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