SNL's 'Complicit' Ivanka Trump ad gets the internet talking

Saturday Night Live, or SNL, has taken aim at different members of the Trump administration including showing White House strategist Steve Bannon as the Grim Reaper and having press secretary Sean Spicer played by a gum-chewing Melissa McCarthy.

In the most recent episode, the show decided to take a dig at President Trump's daughter Ivanka in a spoof of a high-end perfume ad for a product called "Complicit."

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Played by actress Scarlett Johansson, she appears as a glamorous woman attending a fancy party with champagne; the female narrator says in a voiceover, "... A woman like her deserves a fragrance all her own, a scent made just for her because she's beautiful, she's powerful, she's ... complicit."

Watch it below:

Later in the now-viral commercial, the narrator asks, "A feminist, an advocate, a champion for women...But, like, how?"

It ends with the voiceover line, "Complicit: the fragrance for the woman who could stop all this ― but won't."

According to the Huffington Post, "'SNL' has mocked Ivanka Trump in the past, but this is the first time the sketch show is casting a more critical spotlight on the first daughter. This time, it's attacking her feminist advocacy without reservation."

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