Tucker Carlson tells Univision's Jorge Ramos: 'You're whiter than I am' (Video)

Tucker Carlson had Univision anchor Jorge Ramos on his Fox News show Wednesday night, introducing his guest as one of President Trump's "loudest critics on immigration." Things got heated after Carlson opened by quoting comments Ramos made about how America is "our country" and "not theirs," with the host eventually calling his guest a "blue-eyed rich Mexican."

"Who is the 'us,' and who is the 'they?,'" Carlson asked his guest.

Ramos responded by saying America is everyone's country but Trump supporters think it belongs to them.

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"This is not a white country. This is not their country. It is ours," Ramos said.

Carlson then told Ramos, "You're whiter than I am. You have blue eyes."

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Ramos claimed that some people in America want to go back to a "1965 when there was a white majority," but explained this is not a multiracial country and everyone should be tolerant.

"I don't want to bring this to race. You did, so I'm going to follow up on that. You have posited yourself as the leader of Latinos and I'm not exactly sure what that word means," Carlson said. That's when the Fox News host called Ramos a "blue-eyed rich Mexican."

Carlson and Ramos went on to discuss what the exact definition of a Latino is, with Carlson eventually saying, "It still doesn't make any sense to me at all. But as a political matter it makes a lot of sense because it allows people like you to say, 'I represent everybody on an entire continent.'"

Check out the video above.

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