'Nashville' star Sam Palladio dishes on Scarlett and Gunnar's fate ahead of mid-season finale


Talk about complicated!

Sam Palladio, who plays Gunnar on hit CMT show "Nashville," got candid about his character's extremely complicated relationship with on-again-off-again love Scarlett. In fact, Palladio, 30, has been in Gunnar's shoes quite a few times in his life.

"He makes some bold choices and jumps wholeheartedly into things when it's not the right way to do it. He's not your country superstar -- he's just a dude trying to get through life. I've certainly made those mistakes as well," the actor revealed in an exclusive interview with AOL.com.

Scarlett and Gunnar, who found out their chemistry extended far beyond the music studio in season one, have faced hurdles over the show's five seasons, resulting in some pretty explosive breakups (and makeups).

"Theres been some bumps along the road, but at least he knows what he wants -- which is to be with Scarlett."

Well, Scarlett and Gunnar may finally get that happy ending they've been hoping for all this time! But Palladio kept his lips sealed on what's next for Gunnar and Scarlett, played by Clare Bowen, saying fans will have to wait for the mid-series finale airing on Thursday, March 9 to find out what it is!

The hunky Brit also got candid about what's going on in his life outside show, revealing a sweet, yet eyebrow-raising, exchange with a fan:

"We went to meet fans after a concert and there was a lovely woman named Diana who gave me gifts. And she goes, 'I've been following you and I got you this chewy crocodile toy [for your puppy] and I know you like Haribo sweets so I got you some gummy bears.'" Sam recalled. "I was blown away by that gesture, but then she goes, 'Say hi to your grandpa Allen for me!'"

And as far as plans for the future, Sam revealed that he's busy working on "Nashville" and the release the show's ninth album, which you can pre-order on Amazon before its release on March 10.