Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, and Brie Larson reveal why they wanted to star in 'Kong: Skull Island'

Actors Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson, and actress Brie Larson dropped by AOL's BUILD Series to promote their upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures movie 'Kong: Skull Island'. They revealed why they wanted to act alongside such an iconic character in film history as well as some nifty moments during the production process.

Hiddleston wanted to be a part of this movie for numerous reasons.

"It was the chance to be in an adventure film. [Director] Jordan Vogt-Roberts said to me 'Let's make a film like the ones that we grew up loving as a child'. One of them features [Samuel L. Jackson] called 'Jurassic Park'. I saw that when I was 10 and this was about a group of explorers going to an island and I've never played a character like that. The thing they find happens to be an icon of motion pictures so it was a very quick YES!"

Hiddleston plays Captain James Conrad, the former British SAS tracker specialist in reconnaissance and the recovery of lost soldiers. He admired his character's progression throughout this film.

"He joins the expedition to lead troops on the ground in the jungle. But he starts off in quite a cynical place and what he sees on the island awakens in him a new humility and sense of wonder and I loved that journey. He's humbled again by the power of nature."

Hiddleston's co-star and idol, Jackson expressed his desires to be in 'Kong' despite being the second on the list of actor choices to play in what would eventually be his character, Preston Packard.

"[An] opportunity to be in a 'King Kong' movie, I didn't even think about Vietnam. When they said 'King Kong, we want you', I was like 'Awesome!'. Then I found out that I was the second choice and I still didn't care. I'll do it anyway. They had an Academy Award winner at first and he didn't want to be home away from home, away from his kids that long because we were gone forever in Hawaii, Australia, and Vietnam. So I was like 'My family didn't care, I'll go!'"

Leading lady Larson welcomed the idea of being in such an iconic movie because it enriched her life both on-set and off-set. She plays Mason Weaver, the anti-war photographer in the film.

"She's BOLD! She's BRAVE! She's risking her LIFE!", said Larson.

'Kong' doesn't take the cliché route with a character like Larson's Weaver with the idea of the "damsel in distress", to which Larson commended:

"I'm not really like the face of 'damsel in distress'. I'm kind of stronger than that I hope. So when they were interested in creating a character that was much more dynamic than that, that's part of what interested me. I love independent film because I felt like that's where the messages were. That's where the stories were, that were exciting on the surface and had something underneath. But to go beyond that and do something that was big AND also had a subtext of meaning, and speaks to what's going on in our life right now, it makes us question ourselves and the world around us -- to do that in like an IMAX movie that's like really beautiful and you get to shoot in Hawaii, Australia, and Vietnam is like an incredible collection of things."

Also an integral part of playing Weaver was the fact she had to take photos as she explored Skull Island. Larson also picked up photography, a hobby she once had when she was in high school.

"With every movie or every character you play, it kind of like reminds you of a piece of yourself that you've forgotten and so that was a skill that I hadn't really played with yet for many years. So I started taking photos on set kind of because we were in beautiful locations with beautiful people that are really interesting to take photos of and also because it would bring me closer to her and how she would be, and how she's viewing the world.", explained Larson.

With all that said between the three leading stars, the shared excitement and anticipation is palpable. Go see 'Kong: Skull Island' in theaters Friday March 10th!