Queen of England has very specific taste when it comes to cereal

By Maria Mercedes Galuppo, Buzz60

If you were the Queen of England, it's likely that you would indulge in some of the swankiest culinary experiences for every meal of every day.

However, according to The Telegraph, that's not what queens do.

The kitchen staff at Buckingham Palace has an easy start every morning, serving Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II a bowl of cereal, Special K and Corn Flakes to be exact.

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That's right! The Queen is no foodie, at least not when it comes to the most important meal of the day. She adds decadent macadamia nuts and dried fruits such as apricots to her morning bowl of milk and cereal.

The queen's love of Corn Flakes has been known for a while. So much so that back in 2015 Kellogg's introduced "Queen Flakes," a limited edition cereal celebrating the longest reigning British monarch.

Looks like the key to living into our 90's has always been in front of our noses every morning!