Jennifer Lopez and 'Shades of Blue' co-star confess their first impressions of each other

Ray Liotta and Jennifer Lopez came to BUILDSeriesNYC to talk about season two of their cop drama, "Shades Of Blue." In an exclusive interview moderated by J-Lo's very own younger sister, ABC News journalist Lynda Lopez, Liotta and Lopez revealed what they really thought about each other when they met for the first time on set.

When asked about their first impressions of each other Liotta playfully teased his co-star during the interview saying,

"I knew that Jenny came from the block."

Liotta was obviously referencing J-Lo's hit single "Jenny From The Block," where she sings about never selling out and still being that same girl from New York City. "Shades Of Blue" is shot in New York City, which brought back good memories for the New York native. Liotta knew Lopez wouldn't have agreed to do the show if she wasn't going to nail it. He also mentioned that his favorite scenes to shoot were with Lopez, and praised her for being the cool and collected one on set between the two of them.

"Jennifer does her music and everything, but It turns out I'm the diva! Jen is very cool and quiet," said Liotta.

J-Lo had equally good things to say about her co-star.

"We were so excited to get Ray for the part," said Lopez. "It is like we have been married for two years and it is working out!"

J-Lo expressed her excitement to work with someone who she really has chemistry with. Liotta and Lopez filmed the majority of the scenes for the show, so they never had time to socialize with their other co-stars.

The one thing Lopez and Liotta agreed on was "we know what our jobs are -the writers write it ["Shades Of Blue"] and we are supposed to bring it to life," said Liotta.

You can watch "Shades Of Blue" every Sunday night at 10 PM EST on NBC.

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