Julia Roberts' 'Pretty Woman' character was supposed to die in the original script

Poor, Viv!

Julia Roberts' "Pretty Woman" character, Vivian Ward, apparently wasn't supposed to get a fairytale ending with Richard Gere in the 1990 film. Instead, she was reportedly supposed to die of an overdose in the original ending of the hit film, according to former Walt Disney Studios chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Katzenberg revealed the bombshell news during a Q&A session at Hearst Tower in New York City on Thursday.

"I can't tell you how much time was spent debating," Katzenberg said. "As a script, Pretty Woman was an R-rated movie about a hooker on Hollywood Boulevard. By the way, in the original version — it's pretty dark — I think she died of an overdose."

The film executive revealed that Disney wasn't a fan of the grim ending and some quick changes were made.

"Convincing [people] that we should make that at the Walt Disney Co., and that it's a fairy tale and princess movie, a lot of people had a hard time seeing it," he said. "But, as they say, the rest is history."

Admittedly, the fairytale ending is what makes the film incredible, so it's safe to say that Disney made the right call on this one.

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