How To: Re-create Emma Stone and Hailee Steinfeld's glamorous Oscar Awards 2017 hairstyle

Emma Stone's Oscar Awards 2017 look was right out of a Hollywood movie. The stunning "La La Land" actress, who took home a gold statue for Best Actress, looked absolutely gorgeous with polished waves created by her longtime hairstylist, Mara Roszak.

Not everyone gets to go to the Oscars, but that doesn't mean you can't have a red carpet-ready look at home. We enlisted the help of GlamSquad, an on-demand hair and makeup app that provides stylist at your front door in less than 90 minutes. Now if that doesn't scream -- I'm a Hollywood star too -- we don't know what does.

GlamSquad hair expert Erik McEwen, helped created, Stone's polished waves by curling the hair with a twist and then pinning all the curls on the head for about 30 minutes. McEwen said it's important to let the curls set and not to unpin them until they are cooled. Then when you bring down the hair out of pins you have some seriously gorgeous wave. McEwen then brushed the hair out gently to settle the curls and sprayed hair spray on the brush beforehand, for a little extra hold. He then pinned back one section, for that added Hollywood glamour. GlamSquad makeup stylist, Nicole, showed us how to get the perfect old Hollywood red lip and reminded fans that the best way to start is make sure your lips are perfectly moisturized.

Check out the tutorial in the video below:

Another Hollywood star who looked absolutely incredible at the Oscar Awards was Hailee Steinfeld. The "Pitch Perfect" star went for a modern updo with large curls pinned in. McEwen showed off the incredible look for us and explained how he put it together.

"I created two ponytails in the back and separated each ponytail into two pieces. Then I teased the underneath of the ponytail and brushed it smooth on the other side. It created more of a foundation. Then I was able to take the smooth sides and flip it so that it creates the bubble texture for this. Then I added a gloss spray on the front and hairspray on a brush to clean any ends."

For the makeup, stylist Nicole opted for mauve and purple colors and paired it with bold, structured eyebrows and winged eye makeup to get the optimal, modern smokey eye. Check it out!