'Naked and Afraid' contestant quits show after she's ravaged by sandflies

A contestant on Discovery's popular reality competition Naked and Afraid has quit the show after just six days of filming.

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Contestant Anastasia Ashley, 30, she says was forced to make the decision to leave after she was bombarded by bugs as she filmed the show in the Central American nation of Belize.

The insects' reign of terror caused massive rashes all over her body.

"It felt like stingy, painful, itchy, the most uncomfortable feeling," she told Inside Edition.

See photos of the bites:

On the show, a male and a female contestant are turned loose in the jungle with no clothes, and have to survive for 21 grueling days.

Ashley's legs and back are covered in bite marks and a rash.

The bikini model, who appeared in the 2017Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, said: "I didn't think that was gonna be the thing that tapped me out. I thought maybe a snake bite or spider bite or something more extreme, but sandflies? I wouldn't have ever guessed that in a million years."

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Ashley's worried the bites may leave scars that could affect her modeling career

"I'm in a bikini for my job, so, I don't wanna have to be Photoshopped," she said.

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