Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton show PDA on 'The Voice' season premiere

The competition is heating up -- and so are Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton!

Even though the two face off against each other on "The Voice," the season premiere allowed for just a liiiittle bit of romance for the celebrity couple. They kept things pretty tame, but given that this was only episode one, there's definitely more cuteness to come during the show's 12th season.

The sweetest moment came after a contestant chose Alicia Keys' team over Gwen's. Gwen headed to Blake for consolation, settling in on his swivel chair before going in for a bear hug.

The moment of affection took judge Adam Levine by total surprise: "Who are you?" he asked Blake incredulously.

Levine poked fun at the couple throughout the whole show, even butting in during a contestant's big decision: "You can't choose her," he told a singer who was considering Team Gwen. "She's taken. She's his girlfriend."

The two did go head-to-head a few times as they both clamored for the same singers. At one point, Gwen even got out of her chair to stop Blake from giving his pitch. And it worked! The contestant, Stephanie, went with Gwen, and Blake even joined in on a group hug afterward.

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