Nicole Kidman claps like an alien who's still trying to learn how to fit in


Just when you think you've figured it all out, life throws a curveball. Last night's curveball came in the form of Nicole Kidman's palms.

Amid all the unprecedented drama of the 2017 Academy Awards, Twitter was preoccupied with one disturbing reveal: Acclaimed actress Nicole Kidman claps really weirdly, like in ways that defy all semblances of logic.

For the presumably countless people who want to master this technique: It's all in the finger extension. You've got to keep your palms vertical while elongating your fingers out horizontally. Skip SoulCycle -- this counts as exercise!

The star was seated between hubby Keith Urban and Best Supporting Actress nominee Octavia Spencer, both of whom are seen successfully clapping in a standard human fashion.

A few theories: She'd just touched up her nail polish during a commercial break. She was wearing expensive rings and didn't want to smash them against each other. Or, the saddest possibility: Nobody ever taught her the right way to do it.

Among these options, we're willing to bet on #2. Check out this red-carpet shot of Kidman -- she's got huge rocks on both hands.

89th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet
89th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet

Even if the blame does fall on Kidman's stellar jewels, the damage is done. Once Twitter's crowned you a meme, there's no un-memeing to be had.

The remaining question: When she's happy and she knows it, what does she do?

See Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban on the Oscars red carpet: