'Moonlight' wins Best Picture at Oscars after Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announce the wrong winner as 'La La Land'

The 89th annual Academy Awards ended in total confusion and chaos on Sunday night after the wrong winner was announced for Best Picture.

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway had the honor of announcing the final award and as they opened the envelope, Beatty looked visibly confused and looked at Dunaway perplexed. He then announced that "La La Land" had taken home the coveted gold statue for Best Picture.

Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, the writers and producers and directors flooded the stage and launched into several big speeches thanking their friends and family and the Academy for the incredible honor. And then, several men in tuxedoes came onto the stage and things started to look very chaotic -- and Jimmy Kimmel grabbed the mic and announced that actually, a mistake had been made.

"La La Land" had not been named Best Picture, instead the honor went to "Moonlight" and Beatty and Dunaway had read the wrong name.

The cast and crew of "La La Land" quickly relinquished their statuettes and said how happy they were for the team behind "Moonlight" as their cast hugged on the Oscar floor. Beatty then took the mic and explained that he had been given the wrong envelope to announce the winner. In fact, he was given the "Best Actress" envelope which was for Emma Stone, and in a bit of confusion read that "La La Land" was the winner.

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The team from "Moonlight" then took the stage and with overwhelming emotion said they weren't even sure this could be true. They thanked their fans and said they hoped that their film was an inspiration to "little black boys and brown girls" and were grateful for the overall honor.

So that's how you end the Oscars on a high note!

Somewhere, Steve Harvey is probably laughing right now and thankful that his Miss Universe flub was so last year.

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