Stars prep for the Oscars with face masks and manicures

Everyone is excited about the Oscar Awards this Sunday! The stars spent the early part of the day prepping for the biggest night in Hollywood by donning face masks, getting their nails done and steaming their dresses. Everyone from Katie Holmes to Teresa Palmer to Amy Schumer shared pics of what it takes to get them red carpet-ready -- and it's basically an army. From hair up in curlers to a full team primping and plucking, it's definitely an hours-long affair.

And while the ladies have been beautifying, the gents are all about the workout. Ryan Seacrest and Mario Lopez both hit the gym early in the morning to get a sweat session in before hitting the red carpet.

Some stars have already even slipped into their ensembles as they had early call times on the red carpet. "Access Hollywood" host Natalie Morales shared a fun pic from the red carpet as did E! News host Giuliana Rancic. Both gals looked prepped to interview all the big names as they make their way into the ceremony.

Check out all the fun photos below: