Melissa Rivers reveals celeb she's most excited to see on the 2017 Oscars red carpet

"She would hate that I have bangs," jokes Melissa Rivers referring to her mom, the irascible legendary comedian, Joan Rivers when she stopped by BUILD to talk about this weekend's highly-anticipated, undeniable fashion extravaganza that is the Oscars Red Carpet.

Rivers of course is the host of E! Channel's popular "Fashion Police," a sort of "morning after" quarterbacking of style in Hollywood that discusses the dos and don'ts of celebrity fashion after major award show red carpet events.

Having premiered on E! in September of 2010, the show has become a necessary post awards show snarky insider treat. After Joan Rivers untimely death in 2014, the show took on a couple of iterations that included a short Kathy Griffin stint for 7 episodes before Melissa Rivers eventually took on co-hosting duties and has been the doyenne of the show ever since.

Gearing up for the big awards nights starts for the "Fashion Police" team with the nominations.

"When the nominees are announced, the first thing I do is check to see how many of our 'fashion girls' are nominated. It is going to be amazing. You've got Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman, Emma Stone ... I mean it is going to be crazy good."

When asked if the designers or celebrities she reports on for "Fashion Police" actually watch the show and comment, she joked about a sentiment she and her mother shared: "When you are making 20 million dollars a year and everyone is giving you free clothes and you are changing those clothes 17 times a day and we don't like one of the free outfits ... you need to take a deep breath and relax a minute." She continued, "You weren't up all night making the dress from the curtains Miss Scarlet."

What is she looking forward to Sunday night?

"It is an all star parade," Rivers excitedly shared saying she was excited to see Hailee Steinfeld who, according to Rivers "has been rocking it all season."

Rivers also made clear she fully understands the role she and her colleagues play on Oscars night joking, "If any of us could be neurosurgeons we would be -- there is a reason we are in this business."