'Chrisley Knows Best' star Savannah Chrisley sparks rumors she's dating NBA player Chandler Parsons

Savannah Chrisley may have a new man in her life.

The "Chrisley Knows Best" star sparked rumors she's dating NBA player Chandler Parsons, 28, during a recent interview with Access Hollywood.

When asked about her relationship with Parsons, she revealed it's strictly casual -- for now.

"We're friends, like we met, I've gone to a game. We hang out. He's a fun person to hang out with."

However, her dad Todd isn't too fond of the idea ...

"He's got a great personality, but he's an NBA player, so that being said," he said while sitting next to his daughter. "I think with NBA, you know, they're ho hounds. My daughter's not going to be on that list."

Savannah quickly replied to defend Chandler: "He's sweet, we have fun, so you give it a go."

Todd then hilariously responded, alluding to the womanizer stereotypes of NBA players: "They have two phones. You know, side chick, main chick. Let's call it what it is and she needs to know."

His daughter then retorted back, "As long as I'm the main, I'm good."

To which Todd replied: "Well that's what you'll never know. That's the problem: the main always thinks they're the main."

He recently got a chance to meet Chandler, but it sounds like he's not fully onboard with the possible new romance yet, calling it a "friendship" during the interview.

"I have had multiple conversations with him and he's got ... he's got the best personality," the reality star admitted. "But it's a new friendship and I don't know why it's newsworthy, but it's a new friendship."

A source close to Parsons told TMZ that they're just "close friends" and that he's focused on "finishing the NBA season strong and gearing up for a deep run in the playoffs."

In an Instagram post late Thursday, Savannah responded to the rumors with a photo that reads: "Let's get one thing straight. I'm not." In the caption she wrote, "@chandlerparsons who?"

Todd also posted a message in third-person on Twitter: "For the record, Todd DOES like this douche bag ..@ChandlerParsons , folks, they are friends not newlyweds."

Savannah recently broke up with her boyfriend of two years, Blaire Hanks, and she revealed the news in an emotional Facebook Live.

"I hope that you will please do me a favor and don't send negative vibes to him. He doesn't deserve that. We are young. We had our young love. It wasn't my fault. It wasn't his fault. There were faults on both sides," Chrisley said at the time.

And while it seems like she's keeping it casual, we wouldn't be surprised if we see Chandler in future episodes of the family's hit USA reality show. The Memphis Grizzlies player, who is quite a ladies man, recently split with German model Toni Garn.

Watch the full Access Hollywood interview in the video above!