'Fixer Upper' stars Chip and Joanna Gaines reveal 'boundaries' of their marriage

"Fixer Upper" darlings Chip and Joanna Gaines aren't afraid to get real about their marriage.

The HGTV stars recently opened up to People at a KILZ Master Class event in Waco, Texas about how they're able to retain a healthy relationship, despite the fact that they work together every single day.

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"Two things come to mind," Chip said. "This is really not for everybody so don't feel insecure or try to force something if it's not. The negative is if it's not meant to be, don't try to force it. It is not for everybody. And don't worry about it that it's not for everybody. Who cares. And then the positive is when you decide to go for it, just really weigh on each other's strengths and try not to cross over into each other's lanes."

The couple, who share four children together, have a hilariously playful dynamic on screen, while also making sure to respect one another's space and expertise. And that's something that outspoken Chip had to come to terms with at the beginning of their professional and personal relationship.

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"That was one thing that I learned pretty early on is that ... I am a big creative by nature, so I was always stepping in her universe and I was always thankful she wasn't micromanaging my side of the business so it worked, but I would come in and have these bold opinions about everything," he said. "And then after about a year of sort of wrestling with each other like that, I realized A: I wasn't as good at it as I thought I was, so that was a problem, and then B: Why not let her really go for it in her way?"

After coming to that realization, Chip said that the couple "created boundaries to some extent for one another" which helps them to "both flourish."

And, though Chip and Jo were able to establish those boundaries, they recognized that not every couple would be able to do the same -- at least so successfully. So, what's their advice? Bring in a third party ... no, not that kind!

"Get a mediator, get a designer," Jo said. "If you can't figure it out bring in someone that will help so you don't end up ending your marriage."

"You can either bring in a designer now or you can bring in an attorney later. Your choice!" Chip added. "And a sense of humor is a big deal for us. We got lucky in that."

At the end of the day, though, the secret to Chip and Jo's relationship comes down to the fact that they respect and support one another's endeavors.

"I am her biggest cheerleader when it comes to the things that she's rocking and rolling in and vice versa in my category," he explained. "Just encourage one another's strengths and not be so particular that you constantly butt heads over it."

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