Bryan Terrell Clark and Brandon Victor Dixon reveal their favorite 'Hamilton' songs and their funny mishaps on set

BUILD Series celebrated President's Day 2017 with George Washington and Aaron Burr! No, not that Washington and Burr but rather Bryan Terrell Clark and Brandon Victor Dixon, the guys who play these famous historical figures in the hit Broadway show, 'Hamilton.'

They stopped by to talk about their experiences so far with the 'Hamilton' phenomenon. They revealed their favorite songs from the musical and dished on some of their hilarious mishaps that happened during one of their performances.

When it comes to their favorite songs from the show, Clark sang out 'Angelica...Eliza...and Peggy' alluding to the catchy song "The Schuyler Sisters".

Additionally Clark enjoys "One Last Time". He explained to the audience by saying:

"I get a chance to sing "One Last Time" in Act II, it was a special moment because [in] my first show I was singing "One Last Time" while President Barrack Obama was giving his 'one last time' address in Chicago. It was a moment as an artist I will never forget."

Dixon explained during the BUILD interview that his favorite songs happen during a certain section of the show.

"My favorite section of the show is actually "Helpless", "Satisfied", [and] "Wait For It" just the way they connect, they roll into the inner monologues of those characters. The most fun for me is "Non-Stop" and the most exciting is "The Room Where It Happens".

What are your favorite songs from the show? Share and discuss in the comments section down below.

Now we all know the saying nobody is perfect, well, that notion applies to the stars of 'Hamilton'. Both Clark and Dixon admitted to making mistakes both subtle and conspicuous during their show.

"In the intro, what I call the intro of George Washington, there's a song called "Right Hand Man" and at the very end Hamilton says 'whaaatt', he just screams this 'what' and I'm supposed to turn to the audience and say 'and his right hand man' dun dun dun..BOOM. When it goes BOOM, I'm supposed to rip out the sword and go like this (Clark gesturing his right arm up). So I didn't realize the sword had a hook on it and I've got on this amazing jacket and he goes 'what' and I turn to the audience and say 'and his right hand man', I rip out the sword and it gets stuck on the jacket. So it's this moment where I'm trying to be serious and I'm just like internally broke down laughing.", reminisced Clark.

Even though Clark tried to sell it, there were some eagle-eyed cast members who spotted the mishap.

"The cast is ruthless. They're ruthless. Don't make a mistake. Don't miss a word. They will not let it go.", jokingly added Dixon.

Mistakes happen quite regularly for Dixon that he curates them in a digital series on Instagram called #BurrsCorner.

"I think it was in my first show, I went out and butchered the lines to "Non-Stop" in a very obvious way and as soon as I got off stage, I made a video because I said 'I know these Hamilton fans are about to come for me!! They know!'. And so I just started making videos every time I make a mistake and what's hilarious is that now people ask me to make mistakes (laughs), so I can make videos. But I mean the way the show is paced, the way it works, mistakes happen all the time but you roll with it.", revealed Dixon.

Don't you just love performers who embrace their mistakes and not let it faze them?!? Take a look at one of Dixon's #BurrsCorner videos here.

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