Close call! Julie Andrews reveals she almost died while filming Disney hit 'Mary Poppins'

Close call!

Julie Andrews was on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," where she revealed that she almost died while filming her 1960s Disney hit "Mary Poppins."

"'There was a very dangerous day right at the end of filming when I was in this excruciatingly painful harness," she began her story. "I was hanging around up there for the longest time with the umbrella. I thought I felt the wire leave and drop about six inches. I was nervous and very tired."

The actress, now 81, then admitted she experienced a frightening feeling.

"So, I called down and I said, 'excuse me, when you do let me down, could you let me down really gently, because I felt myself slip and I just don't feel too safe up here.'"

Suddenly, without warning, she plummeted to the sage.

"There was an awful silence for a minute and I did let fly with a few Anglo-Saxon four-letter words, I have to admit."

And good thing Andrews lived to tell the tale! She later won an Oscar for her performance in the cult classic. The Hollywood legend also played unruly nun and nanny Maria in the "Sound of Music," which she received an Oscar nomination for.

In recent years, she has lent her voice to movies such as "Enchanted" and "Despicable Me."

A Disney remake of "Mary Poppins" is currently in the works, with Emily Blunt playing Andrews' character. Lin-Manuel Miranda will play Jack, a street lamplighter, and Angela Lansbury will play the Ballon Lady.

There's no word yet on whether Andrews will make a special appearance or not. The highly-anticipated reboot is currently filming in London and is schedule to release on Christmas Day 2018.