Bonjour, Belle! Emma Watson sings classic 'Beauty and the Beast' song in new Disney clip

Anyone else wanna hang in this poor provincial town?

Disney released a brand-new clip ahead of the March release of "Beauty and the Beast," and Emma Watson is live-action perfection as a sunny, singing Belle. The minute-long video is a sneak peek of the opening scene, which kicks off the classic story with choruses of "Bonjour!"

Wearing the blue pinafore we all know and love, Belle skips along past curious villagers in her little French town. Little does she know how soon she'll trade in her signature books for real adventure!

If the video is any indication, fans should expect a few changes to the beloved story. Among other tweaks, Belle returns a copy of "Romeo and Juliet" instead of the unnamed book she clutches in the original. The village population is also racially diverse, which means that instead of three identical-looking blondes, Gaston's 2017 Bimbettes will likely have a whole new look!

Watson recently launched an Instagram account to share updates from the "Be Our Guest" press tour. This week, the starlet wore a stunning Louis Vuitton black and navy dress while promoting the film in France.

Watson is also keeping fans in the loop via Twitter, where earlier this week she posted a photo wearing what looks like a Paris-inspired black beret.

The remake of Disney's 1991 hit is expected to be a major box-office success. Joining Watson in an all-star cast are Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci and Emma Thompson.

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