'Billions' stars Malin Akerman and Toby Leonard Moore reveal what it's like working with Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti


Showtime's 'Billions' has a star-studded ensemble including Malin Akerman and Toby Leonard Moore. Recently both of them stopped by AOL's BUILD Series to dish on their co-stars Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti and the open, collaborative relationship they have on set with the show runners and writers.

Both Akerman and Moore agreed that Lewis and Giamatti respectively are fantastic to work with. Akerman plays Lara Axelrod, wife to Lewis' character Bobby Axelrod. Akerman shared with the BUILD audience that going to work each day is amazing and described Lewis as a "charming Brit who's just whip-smart and funny as hell".

"We have a lot of laughs in between takes. You kind of have to be happy and joke around in between these heavy scenes.", dished Akerman.

Moore plays Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney Bryan Connerty. He's literally partnered with Giamatti's character, U.S. District Attorney Chuck Rhoades. So there's bound to be a lot of good vibes between the two on set too!

"He's amazing! He's great! I've been a fan for such a long time. He's always so prepared, he works so hard and also he's hysterically funny like I go home with bellyaches from laughing all day. It's such a joy to go to work.", explained Moore.

Even though 'Billions' is a serious cable drama, there's still time to have lots of fun and be immersed with the camaraderie of the crew.

But in all seriousness when it comes to perfecting their roles or asking for feedback, the show's creators, and writers are all freely open to working with Akerman and Moore and the rest of the cast.

Creators Brian Koppelman and David Levien have a clear vision of how they want their characters' arcs to turn out. Akerman was thankful for her showrunners and elaborated more about their creative input by saying:

"For anyone, once you've played a character for awhile even towards the end of the first season, we all understand how they tick and same goes for [the] second season. They were able to tap into a bit more of how we were playing the characters and they're very smart that way. All the street smart stuff that Lara portrays that brings sort of a freshness to this world of billionaires, they definitely tapped into more of that in the second season."

In terms of the mutual relationship Moore has with the writers on set, he humbly expressed:

"They're very open to having conversations about it. I don't like to get too far ahead of myself like I like to know the information that Bryan [Connerty] knows at that time. There's something that happens in the first episode (S2 premiere) and that was the first time I had to call the guys and I was like 'Okay...what happens!?!', like there's no way to play that moment. I had to actually call them and they told me and I was like 'whoa!'. I needed to know how to react to that sort of moment."

What does that moment entail? You'll have to find out for yourselves!

'Billions' season 2 premieres this Sunday, February 19th at 10pm on Showtime.