Laverne Cox talks 'Doubt' and meeting Beyonce

Laverne Cox brought glamour and passion to the BUILD stage during her visit this week. From educating the crowds on current transgender battles to taking us behind the scenes of her meet and greet with Queen Bee she certainly did not hold back. Cox takes this same intensity to the small screen on the new CBS show, "Doubt," where she stars as the fierce attorney Cameron Wirth. As Wirth, she was able to curate her character's storyline by collaborating with the writers.

"The writers for "Doubt" invited all the series regulars into the writer's room to discuss their character arcs for the season and make suggestions," Cox explained. "I thought that Cameron should have other transgender friends because so she didn't look or feel isolated in the community and so they ended up giving her two trans girlfriends who happen to be some of my really good friends from real life."

Someone Cox hopes she can add to that friend list is Beyoncé. At the Grammy Awards she recently met her idol for the first time and told the BUILD audience what the experience meant to her.

"I thought I would cry, but a strange calm came over me it was really crazy and she's amazing, genuinely sweet and was elated to see me," Cox dished. "I told her that I have been a fan since Destiny's Child and she said she had heard and told me how great my lip sync was."

Don't forget to watch "Doubt" on CBS, Wednesdays at 10pm.