Tracee Ellis Ross gets candid about 'disappointing' time in her career


Tracee Ellis Ross is getting real!

The "Black-ish" star, who made history after becoming the first black woman to win a Golden Globe in 35 years for Best Actress in a TV Comedy or Musical, got candid about her role on the show.

Ross plays Dr. Rainbow "Bow" Johnson -- who juggles the roles of wife, mother and doctor. While she reveals that people are amazed by her TV character, she revealed in an exclusive interview with that it's "nothing new."

"We've been here doing this! People are like, 'The role you're playing is so extraordinary -- she's a doctor!' And I'm like, 'There've been women doctors who've had children and husbands for years. Like great we finally put it on TV, but this is nothing new!'"

Check out Ross' hot look at the 2017 SAG Awards:

The 44-year-old actress also praised the Emmy-nominated show for creating awareness amid a tumultuous political climate in America. A January episode titled, "Lemon," addressed Donald Trump's presidential election victory and was heavily praised by television critics.

"The [Johnson] family is having an honest and authentic conversation that we [as a society] need to be having."

The brunette beauty also gushed about her Hollywood gal pals. Female celebrities have repeatedly spoken out about gender inequality in industry, and while she emphasized the importance of creating change, there's also another significant element -- lifting each other up.

"The other part of it is sharing in each other's glory. When Taraji wins, I win. When you win, I win. We're interconnected in that way."

And Ross is definitely practicing what she preaches! The star repeatedly posts snaps of women that inspire her, like her dear friend Taraji who appears in the February issue of W Magazine.

The award-winning actress also reminisced about her time at the Women's March in Washington D.C., which she participated in alongside four million other women. She called the whole experience "powerful."

Though Ross is a total superwoman on and off the screen, she did admit that she too has her vulnerabilities.

"Most of my extraordinary life experiences that have changed me have involved pain and discomfort," she confessed while talking about Motrin's "Woman In Progress" campaign. "But we most have a positive relationship with fear so we can grow."

For Ross, her moment of uncertainty involved her relationship with auditioning.

"It was disappointing and painful because I kept on getting rejected, but I just needed to shift how I was looking at the audition process."

And now, one Golden Globe award later (which she hilariously revealed is just sitting in her office) and an impressive TV character to her name -- what is Ross dying to accomplish?

"I have no idea!" she hilariously admitted.