Why Beyonce is facing a $20 million lawsuit

By Angeli Kakade, Buzz60

Beyonce has a double digit problem on her hands.

The Single Ladies singer was hit with a $20 million dollar lawsuit filed by the estate of rapper and YouTube star Anthony Barre, AKA Messy Mya.

The suit filed against Beyonce claims the singer swiped copyrighted material from Mya and then sampled it in the Grammy nominated song Formation.

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New Orleans born Mya was fatally shot in 2010, but the original phrase can be heard in a YouTube video. The line in Bey's video is pretty apparent.

NBC News reported the suit claims Mya's sample helped to "create the tone, mood, setting and location of the New Orleans themed Formation video and audio recordings."

NBC News also reported the estate did try talking to Beyonce saying they were originally excited to hear Mya's voice in the video, but when they wanted acknowledgement and compensation Beyonce allegedly blew them off.

Ouch! Come on Bey share the love.