Remember when Prince William wore a Speedo that was really, really high?

Sure, Zac Efron is getting all the attention this week for strutting his stuff in an American flag Speedo, but long before we had Zac, we had Prince William. Yes, you read that correctly.

Once upon a time, in a far away land called England, a young Prince decided to play for the university water polo team and donned a Speedo that was abnormally high up on his waist. And it resulted in one of our favorite photos of the royal -- ever.

Prince William, then 21, had just made cut as one of a 13-man group that was set to play in the Wales and Ireland Celtic challenge. Don't get us wrong, the 6'3" royal definitely had the fit physique of a water polo player, but his swimwear just always seemed to be hiked up too high. Especially in comparison to the way we saw many American athletes wear their Speedos low and snug.

See the difference here with Michael Phelps?

Santa Clara International Grand Prix - Day 1
Santa Clara International Grand Prix - Day 1

In a funny People article in 2004, a family friend commented on the royal's strapping physique in his tiny swimwear. "Physically he is a very strong boy and beautifully proportioned — he takes after his mom in this respect."

We're sure Kate Middleton saw him and thought the same thing. Thankfully, these days he is participating in athletic activities with his clothes on -- see above.

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