Octomom's kids turn 8! See inside the vegan birthday party for America's famed octuplets

America's famous octuplets are turning 8!

Mom Nadya Suleman, who now goes by Natalie, invited Inside Edition along to the birthday bash for the six boys and two girls: Makai, Josiah, Isaiah, Jonah, Maliyah, Jeremiah, Nariyah and Noah.

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Their mother is best known as "Octomom," although she says it's a moniker she'd rather leave behind.

"I never coined the term Octomom," she said, instead saying it was a creation of the media.

Photos from the event:

But she admits that "out of desperation" to provide for her family, "I shamefully embraced the character."

Four years ago, she left that character behind and instead focused on family. In an interview that will air on Inside Edition Monday afternoon, she reveals how she learned to budget for the octuplets and her six other children.

She also gives an insight into their busy lives at their three-bedroom townhome just outside of Los Angeles.

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"I have embraced every day with gratitude," she said.

Her kids are now on a vegan diet. At their birthday party, they feasted on cheese-less pizza and tons of vegetables. They even enjoyed a chocolate vegan cake.

Tune in on Monday afternoon to see more about the big celebration. Check here for local listings.

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