Kim Kardashian starts a book club with another famous celebrity

Oprah famously started a bookclub for fans of her show, instantly making books bestsellers.

Now Kim Kardashian has taken a page from Oprah and is starting her own book club with the help of Chrissy Tiegen and Jen Atkin.

With a combined 54 million followers on Twitter alone, plenty of people want to join the club, including Kim's sister Kourtney.

The first book has already been chosen and it appears to be a longtime favorite of Kim's.

Embraced by the Light, by Betty Eadie, is the story of a woman who died, went to the afterlife and came back to tell the tale.

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There is one big benefit to a book club these days. As opposed to Oprah's time, now people don't have to fight over the last copy at the bookstore. Everyone can just download it on their kindle or iPad.

While the idea and planning took place on Twitter, Kim plans to host her book club on her app.

The social media site that helped propel the star to fame, Twitter, offered to host. Maybe Kim will take them up on the offer if they promise to provide snacks.